Best carry on bag

What is best carry on bag? You don’t need luggage at all. All you need is this fantastic travel vest.

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Are you tired of checking size and weight of your carry on luggage every time you are planning a trip? Me too.. My bag usually weights more then allowed in most budget airlines because of all photo cameras, laptops and other gadgets. The bag usually weights much more then allowed 7-10kg. In earlier years airlines wasn’t so strict and nobody did care how much your carry-on luggage weight. But now you need somehow to cheat airlines as I don’t want all these gadget put into check-in luggage as they are too valuable. What to do? My trick was to put on bigger jacket with largest pockets where I can put a lot stuff. But there was a problem. The pockets are not suitable for heavy weight and jacket didn’t last long.
I need different solution for that. And then I saw [amazon_link id=”B005KQAH5W” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Rufus roo[/amazon_link] ad. Surprise surprise somebody had similar idea but brought it into next level by making special travel vest with HUGE and heavy duty pockets.
It is not usual travel vest and I mean it when I am talking about big pockets. You can carry laptop, shoes, handbag or camera bag in the pocket. Can you imagine it?

Why am I calling it the best carry-on luggage? Because with such travel vest you won’t need any carry-on luggage at all. This vest allows you to take up to 10Kg of baggage by carrying it in very large pockets. Probably you won’t want to do it, as 10kg it is a lot, but I think it is the best solution to avoid all fees you should pay at airport for your over weighted bags. This vest comes in three different sizes: [amazon_link id=”B005KQAH5W” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]medium[/amazon_link], [amazon_link id=”B005KQAH5W” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]large[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”B005KQAH5W” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]child size[/amazon_link], so you can dress all family.

May be in far future the airlines will start weight not only luggage, but passengers too. But for now you can enjoy great saving by using this fantastic travel vest.

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I NEED THIS. I can’t even count how many times I’ve packed on outfit after outfit to lighten my bag. I HATE PAYING ADDITIONAL FEES! This is brilliant. I don’t even care if I will look like a fisherwoman.

This is interesting! I always get stuck with too much luggage and then I have to cut back on so many things I would have loved to carry! But then again, 10 kgs is a lot! It would hurt if the airport is huge and you have to walk a lot… wouldn’t it?

Hi interesting subject’’Wearable luggage” I travel a lot by air and have seen something similar which is called a scotty vest in America. And recently I sheared a plane with someone from Amsterdam he had a coat with 14 pockets’’that could take up to 14kg extra luggage when I asked him to show it to me he produced what looked like a case yes a case or tote bag really’’the best part’’ it’s a coat when you check in and then transforms into a case with handles and all ‘’ check it out if you don’t believe me everybody has one in Belgium and Holland I’ve ordered one’ it means that you don’t have that hassle of looking stupid all the time’ while waiting in the lounge its called jaktogo

Hi Vi
Thank you’ So now we can call it BEST CARRY ON LUGGAGE” WEARABLE LUGGAGE’the only one in the World’ not a silly Vest with a few large pockets ”
Regards John

Interesting! My carry-ons tend to be on the heavy side, so usually I’m boarding the plane with my fingers crossed that the gate agents don’t weigh my bag! Might have to convince my boyfriend to wear this the next time we fly, although he’s generally bitter enough I’ve taken all his luggage space!

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